Dil Seçiniz


Has sentetik cuval ve Tekstil founded by Ali, Mustafa Ozmermer brothers in year in 2004.  Ali, Mustafa Ozmermer Brothers started business life with a bakery shop, which was founded by their father. Ozmermer Brothers succeed to create one of the most well known Bakery shop brand of Gaziantep, Called “HAS EKMEK”

In the year of 1994, Ozmermer Brothers expand their business by founding OZMERMER Flour Mills. They started to grow their companies so fast.

In the beginning of 2000s, They established Has Sentetik Cuval, which was one of the their targets after the, founding of Ozmermer Flour Mills,

Today, Has sentetik cuval becomes one of the biggest PP Bag producer Of Turkey.  Has sentetik is grateful to our employees and customers which bring us to this point.